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Ali Floyd and Anthony Smith

An overdue but hopefully well marinated and best-seasoned review of Kerry’s exquisite ongoing amazing practice of servant leadership, compassion, and understanding. She reaches out beyond a follow up to ensure things are seamlessly falling into place and creates the feeling of comfort in knowing “it’s not just about her cut, she really cares.” Acknowledging, daring and unintimidated by our diversity and demonstrating a curious and adventurous interest in helping us discover our desire in finding our first ever home was absolutely flawless. She realized, about the same time we did, we were not happy with a lender and made the separation relieving and super easy. Just as swiftly as she helped us “break up” with our first lender, she efficiently set us up with another and was with us each and every step of the way since and even months after we moved into our first ever brand new home. KERRY IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE AMAZING!!!

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